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My clearest memories from childhood are when cousins, aunts, uncles, friends, grandparents and myself would gather around the film projector screen to watch photos and home movies. My grandfather's pride (and passionate preoccupation) was film. Consequently, a rich family tradition of photography prevails in which I am honored to participate. Terrae Maria is the result of exploration and discovery made through the eyes of a geographer in head and artist in heart. Terrae is Latin for "lands". Maria is Latin for "seas". Together these words have been used for centuries to describe features on the moon visible from Earth. Although we now know that the dark and light regions of the moon believed to have been "seas" and coastal "lands" are actually enormous lava flows and great highlands, astronomers continue to use these words to describe features on the moon. I am enamored with the notion that, even as we embrace new knowledge, remnants of old perceptions persist. It represents an imprint of life and environment on time. With this in mind, I describe the world through my photography, seeking out new ways to understand it, while visually depicting human genomic interpretations centuries old of Earth and sky.

Acknowledgments: I may have no better forum to express my deepest love for and gratitude to friends and family for their support during this artistic endeavor. Specifically: Scott, Mom, the Schwartz family, Brenda, Heather, Margaret, and Jon - thank you.